Our responsible credit lending practices enlighten credit borrowers to use our cash services responsibly and efficiently. Just go through our responsible credit lending recommendations:

At SENDMECASH.CO.ZA, we recommend all our clients to go through our privacy policies to use our website in a better way

We act as a loan mediator in the South Africa and facilitate our clients to access 3 month loans against all their unavoidable and unexpected cash requirements. As these loans are not associated with collateral placement, they come up with higher APR and there is therefore, credit borrowers use such finances only for meeting unavoidable financial demands, not for luxury expenses,

Loan borrowers must confirm their Eligibility criteria first and must create a budget before applying for our cash services, so that they can easily borrow the loan and can repay it timely,

Bad creditors can also take our cash services if they meet the loan terms and conditions, qualify credit check, have a regular monthly income and enough resources to pay off the debt fully on the right time,

All our transactions are done online. Always make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of the loan package you get. Compare different loan offers and choose the best one at an affordable interest price and with easy terms and conditions.

We allow you to use our website totally free of cost, but our lenders charge you additional fees to process your loan application and offering you a loan extension. They also charge heavy late fines against you if you make mistakes in loan repayment.