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We cannot make any credit decisions as we are not a lender or loan provider. Our services are basically designed to process your information and helping you to find the most efficient lenders that fit your requirements perfectly.

Send me cash are not responsible for any actions or inactions of the lenders on its network as we are not the ones who decide rates and fees, loan amount, repayment schedule, APR and other terms of the loan. So, if you want to ask anything about your loan please contact your lender directly. Every lender is required to display implications of non-payment on their website as all types of short term loans are expensive as they are charged with high interest rate and high APR, due to short term lending.

It will not take more than few minutes to get started with us. All you need is to fill up a simple online application form. In the form you just have to mention your basic personal details. Your private data is always safe and confidential with us. Lenders will process your form and you will be provided immediate response regarding loan approval in no time. The form is free from any processing fee charge and other obligations.

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